Stacey Gill is an award-winning journalist, freelance writer and humorist. But she also has a serious side. While prone to writing humor essays, she has been known to let her heart slip through on occasion. She is the mastermind behind the humorous parenting blog, OneFunnyMotha.com and a contributing author to two parenting anthologies in a New York Times best-selling series. Her writing has appeared in well over a dozen publications including The Washington Post; Good HousekeepingThe Huffington Post; SheKnowsBabble; Brain, Child; and Scary Mommy. Her witty quips have repeatedly landed her on the Funniest Parents/Best of lists for TODAYParents, The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed and Babble. In 2017 she became a cast member of the North Jersey production of Listen to Your Mother.

Perhaps most importantly she is the proud founder of the Detached Parenting Movement, a child-rearing model she single-handedly developed without any guidance or advanced degrees in child psychology. She is currently completing a memoir drawing on her experiences as a woman with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who unexpectedly becomes a mother and is thrust into a world crazier than the one inside her own head. As she struggles to gain a foothold in the bizarre world of extreme parenting, she relies on this radical parenting theory – or what she likes to call common sense. In a culture that seems to conspire against women in particular and families in general, she is a resistance fighter determined to gain control over her life.