Sex Secret Revealed

Did I get your attention? Good. But this isn’t that kind of story. It’s actually a story about a family, this time from the UK, who chose to keep their baby’s sex a secret for five years. Through the baby’s infancy, toddlerhood and all the way up until “it” was about to enter elementary school the … Continue reading Sex Secret Revealed

New Year’s Resolutions for Mothers

So we asked you what your resolutions were as parents, but what about ones for yourself? I remember well those early years as a mother and how important it was to take time out for myself. I hardly ever did it although I kept saying I would. Then last year I vowed to do something I’ve … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions for Mothers

Financial Life Lessons at an Early Age

This weekend my daughter was dying to spend up the gift card she received for her 10th birthday, and as Sunday promised torrential downpours, I figured it was as good a day as any to hit Claire’s at the mall. If you’ve never been to Claire’s or don’t quite remember it from 8th grade, the … Continue reading Financial Life Lessons at an Early Age

Is Your Kid on Facebook?

Isn’t everyone? I think you have to be. While I am, it is only after years of holding out and enduring much ridicule. When I finally opened my FB account, I did so with an open mind but a heavy heart. I feared what was to become of me, or rather, my privacy. Luckily, I … Continue reading Is Your Kid on Facebook?

Spa Day as Child’s Play?

I might be the only one, but I haven’t taken my daughter to the spa. And I don’t plan to. This notion I realize is passé. Mother/daughter duos have become a common scene in nail salons across the nation. Everyone is doing it or has done it. This curious human behavior, though, is a relatively recent … Continue reading Spa Day as Child’s Play?

Tweeting Toddlers?

I just found out Liam McDermott has a Twitter account. What? That’s preposterous! But first I had to ask, “Who is Liam McDermott?” It turns out he is a 3-year-old boy, son of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott. My second thought was can the kid even type? To find out, I logged onto the site, where I … Continue reading Tweeting Toddlers?

Gaming the System

I swore I wouldn’t do it. And then I did. I’ve long detested hand-held video games especially when played at the table in a restaurant. Video gaming and dining are two experiences I never would have put together. Unless, of course, we’re talking about Pac Man (or Ms. Pac Man) and the game is being … Continue reading Gaming the System

The Care & Maintenance of a Hermit Crab

Okay, last week when I wrote in a comment on the pet post that hermit crabs make great pets I wasn't being completely honest. They do make good pets, but if you are a hermit crab purist, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with the care required to provide a happy home for hermit crab. I admitted last … Continue reading The Care & Maintenance of a Hermit Crab

Do You Lie to Your Kids?

We all do in a way, don’t we? Little white lies or omissions of certain facts that may not be appropriate given the age of the child in question. I remember a certain friend dutifully - skillfully - providing a biologically sound explanation to her six-year-old daughter when she asked how babies were made. The … Continue reading Do You Lie to Your Kids?

Gender Bender

I’ve heard of people keeping their baby’s name a secret in-utero. And I’ve heard of people keeping the baby’s sex a secret until the little bugger was born. But I’ve never heard of parents keeping their baby’s gender a mystery – indefinitely. Last month a Canadian couple made headlines when they did just that. The parents … Continue reading Gender Bender