When Did the High School Prom Turn Into a Red Carpet Ready Event? By @OneFunnyMotha

When Did the High School Prom Turn Into a Red Carpet Ready Event?

I suppose turning proms into red carpet events follows naturally after the madness that is promposals. Perhaps I’m late to the whole prom game because I haven’t been prom dress shopping since my prom back in, well, a long time ago. But prom season is upon us. Moms of teenage girls across the land definitely … Continue reading When Did the High School Prom Turn Into a Red Carpet Ready Event?

When your kid goes MIA at Summer Sleepaway Camp

MIA at Summer Sleepaway Camp

So we sent Crazy to sleep-away camp a little over a week ago, and we've been without communication ever since. The kids weren't allowed to bring their cell phones, which I wholeheartedly endorsed and which enticed me to send him in the first place, but I figured during the two-weeks' time he was away he'd … Continue reading MIA at Summer Sleepaway Camp

Listen to Your Mother

Maybe that should say listen to your Motha. Because I'm going to be part of the 2017 North Jersey production of the Listen to Your Mother show to take place this weekend. I'm super excited about being included in this production created in tribute to motherhood (because if anything deserves a tribute, it's motherhood), and I'm … Continue reading Listen to Your Mother

It's the last days of summer & I'm not sure I'm going to survive it with my kids. My situation isn't all that unlike the guy in the book Into the Wild. Except I have a house & food and all that. But still it is very similar. See for yourselves. @OneFunnyMotha

Surviving Summer with Kids

Day 9: I don't have long now. I am very weak. I fear by the time you receive this I might be gone. The outcome of summer lock-down with my kids is unclear, but I want you to know I held out for as long as I could. I waited. Every day I waited, scanning the horizon for re-enforcements. They never … Continue reading Surviving Summer with Kids

How to travel with teens and STILL enjoy your vacation. I got all the travel tips to vastly improve your quality of life with kids while you're on vacation. @OneFunnyMotha

How to Travel with Teens & STILL Enjoy Your Vacation: Part II

With apartments in Rome and Venice secured, we were off to a good start. Of course your accommodations don't count for much if your kids decide to be whiney and generally unpleasant during your vacation. So the other tip I have for you to ensure a wonderful vacation with your offspring is to threaten their lives. I found that to be … Continue reading How to Travel with Teens & STILL Enjoy Your Vacation: Part II

Push Presents given by husbands after childbirth are stupid. Yes, they are. Here's why. On @OneFunnyMotha

Push Presents Are Stupid

Even the name is stupid. I don’t like saying the words, and I shouldn’t have to because they shouldn’t even exist. Every time I write those words, I want to put quotation marks around them to indicate I don’t agree with this contrived term, but I’m being forced against my will to acknowledge it. I’m … Continue reading Push Presents Are Stupid

Enter to win the DC Super Hero Girls $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

New DC Super Hero Girls Cartoon & $100 VISA Gift Card Giveaway

I'm all about girl power around here, which is why when DC Entertainment contacted me about their new DC Super Hero Girls cartoon, I was more than happy to spread the word. My kids may be a little too old for cartoons these days, but I still love to see empowering female figures in the media … Continue reading New DC Super Hero Girls Cartoon & $100 VISA Gift Card Giveaway

An Ode to Mom Jeans

I'm not talking about a return to the days when jeans extend all the way up to your neck. Or the time circa 1980 of pleated, acid washed jeans that really highlighted and accentuated your burgeoning abdominal region. I'm talking about a good, old-fashioned, fully functional, basic, fitting garment that actually covers the body parts … Continue reading An Ode to Mom Jeans

Must you invite the whole class to your child's birthday party? I say no. But some schools are taking it upon themselves to tell parents how to run their personal affairs. What do you think? @OneFunnyMotha

Must You Invite the Whole Class to a Child’s Birthday Party?

I say no. I say it's up to the family to invite whomever they choose to their own private, personal affairs. But some schools have recently taken it upon themselves to instruct families on how to run their personal lives. They are now issuing policies mandating all students in class be invited to a child's birthday party. I say that is completely absurd … Continue reading Must You Invite the Whole Class to a Child’s Birthday Party?

Vaginal weightlifting: Just Say No. By @OneFunnyMotha

Just Say No to Vaginal Weightlifting

I tried to ignore this when I first saw it come across my Facebook feed, but it seems I am unable. I need to weigh-in on the subject of vaginal weightlifting. As with so, so many other things brought to us by the internet to which we need to just say no like naked yoga … Continue reading Just Say No to Vaginal Weightlifting