The Washington Post
15 Unexpected Lessons of Parenthood

The Huffington Post
Mom Bills Kid for Missing Birthday Party and is Mocked Everywhere Need I say more?
What if Frank Bruni Has a Point? Because he does, parents.
Conversations with Elves, a sweet Christmas tale sure to soften even the most hardened hearts.
Sex, Lies and The New York Times That’s right. I said it. In Women.
12 Years a Slave and Ferguson, Missouri On the legacy of slavery. In Black Voices. I’m a black voice!
Crack is Whack, an Ode to Mom Jeans I’d hoped to start a movement with this one, but as with all my ideas, it never took off. In Women.
Co-Ed Naked Yoga is a Real Thing in the Style section because I’m stylish like that.
The 45 Most Hilarious Tweets From Parents This Year Guess who’s one of the most hilarious parents. I’ll give you a hint. It’s ME!
Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week

Good Housekeeping
I Hated Being a Stay-at-Home Mom Staying home isn’t for everybody.
I Don’t Need a Housekeeper – I Make My Kids Do All the Cleaning And it’s fantastic.

Snow Days Are For Suckers A mother’s lament written in the style of When You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff.
You Can’t Punch Someone in the Face Because You Don’t Want to Discipline Your Child On the attack outside of Nordstrom’s by a mother on a fellow shopper who made a comment about the mother’s tantruming child. (Not my title, by the way.)

Scary Mommy
20 Signs You’re Getting Old Sorry, happens to the best of us.
Celebrating Half-Birthdays is Stupid That’s right. I said it.
Walking to School: Can I hear a Hallelujah? And an Amen.
What Kind of Mom Forgets First Day of School Photos? *Stares at ground*
My Kid Has a Potty Mouth (and He Got It From Me, Dammit)
20 Things That Are Too Hard for Teenagers The struggle is real.
10 Reasons You Should Never Send Your Husband to Costco Alone. Ever. For real.
Push Presents are Stupid Yup, I said it.
One Woman’s Journey to the DC Women’s March Raised over $100,000 for Charity An inspiring woman and story after the shit show of the election.

25 Reasons I’m Quitting My Job (as a Mom)
I’m Way Too Into The “Ghosting” Game
Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week

Brain, Child
On Suitable Punishments for Your Child Other Than Murder Murder might be the best option, but, remember, it’s not the only option.
Do You Invite the Whole Class to Your Kids’ Birthday Parties? I argue no in this debate series.

The Good Men Project
What Sayreville Says About Our Society In this piece I examine a culture that protects perpetrators and perpetuates sexual assault.

See the 11 Funniest Parents on Facebook This Week That would be me.
11 Best Parenting Updates on Facebook This Week I was one of em.
The 11 Funniest Facebook Status Updates from Parents This Week Yup, I did it again.
13 Best Parenting Posts on Facebook This Week. More funny stuff.

31 People Who Are Really Nailing This Whole Marriage Thing

I Have Kids And Let’s Get Real: Adult-Only Weddings Are NOT Selfish

Mom 365
10 Tips for Raising a Smart Traveler

I Joined Online Dating Sites with My Partner to See if We Were Actually a Match and Here’s What Happened Well, go find out.
I Don’t Make New Years Resolutions – Except for Maybe This Once

Parent Map
25 Gifts My Kid Won’t be Getting for Christmas

My Kids Love to Lie and I Love to Catch Them Doing It Well, I’d prefer they didn’t lie in the first place, but liars gonna lie.

She Walks Alone (to school and lived to tell about it)
The Perfect Valentine’s Gift for Your Man And, it doesn’t involve any 50 Shades of Kinkery.
Home Alone (and loving it)
The Lazy, Good-for-Nothing Tooth Fairy I don’t know about you, but our Tooth Fairy sucks.

Playdates Just say no.
Breaking Bad Action Figures? What Were They Thinking!?! Toys R Us sells meth dolls for the kid in all of us.
Bath Day Wherein I establish a day for bathing to keep my kids from causing a public health crisis.

The Broad Side
Here’s a Word TIME Magazine Could Ban (Hint it’s bitch.)

In the Powder Room
Back-to-School Blues (It’s Not What You Think)

Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop
The Way Summer Camp Should Be 

My 10-Year-Old Son, The Lying, Cheating Backstabber

Bangor Daily News
A Renovation Might Kill Us (or How to Know When It’s Time to Move)

Humor Outcasts
When Storage Wars Become Personal