Veteran Business Owner Proud to Serve at Home and Abroad

When Don Johnston opened his Subway restaurant at the corner of Bloomfield and Pompton Avenues in Verona, he just may have picked the worst possible moment. The great recession was in full swing and the worst winter to hit the town in a decade was on the horizon. Still, he soldiered on. No doubt the determination, perseverance and strength … Continue reading Veteran Business Owner Proud to Serve at Home and Abroad

Two is Plenty

AGE It’s not polite to ask a woman her age, but fine – I’m 38. HOMETOWN / WHERE DO YOU LIVE NOW? I’m a native New Yorker, but I was raised in central, NJ. I now live in northern, NJ. NUMBER OF CHILDREN Two and that’s plenty. DAY JOB Freelance writer/mother/household manager/laundress/short-order cook/cleaning lady/personal shopper/chauffer/nutritionist/social … Continue reading Two is Plenty

Is Your Kid on Facebook?

Isn’t everyone? I think you have to be. While I am, it is only after years of holding out and enduring much ridicule. When I finally opened my FB account, I did so with an open mind but a heavy heart. I feared what was to become of me, or rather, my privacy. Luckily, I … Continue reading Is Your Kid on Facebook?

New Report Shows Kids Are Bad for Your Health

I’ve always believed my kids were draining the life out of me, but now I have proof. A report issued this month confirmed what I have long contended: Kids are hazardous to your health. The study put out by Televox, a software company specializing in health and business communication, reported that 46% of parents across … Continue reading New Report Shows Kids Are Bad for Your Health

My Russian Boy

Of the 60,000 Russian orphans who have found families through adoption by Americans, my son is one. He is seven. He is from Moscow. He lived in an orphanage, and waited for a family. He may not be unlike the adopted little Russian boy who was sent back to Moscow on a plane by himself … Continue reading My Russian Boy

Caldwell: The Unofficial Second-Home of the Luau

Caldwell native Stephen Grover Cleveland is well-known for serving two non-consecutive terms as U.S. President, less so for saving Hawaii's Queen Lili’uokalani. Thanks to the actions of this president more than 115 year ago, though, the history of Caldwell is forever linked to the tropical Pacific Islands of Hawaii. Cleveland, whose birthplace in Caldwell is listed on … Continue reading Caldwell: The Unofficial Second-Home of the Luau

I Hate Playdates

I even hate the word playdate. I don’t think any dates should be involved in playing. Kids should just play. Preferably outside or at somebody else’s house. What ever happened to being locked out of your house by your mother and forced to play with your only sibling on the rusty swing set out back? … Continue reading I Hate Playdates

Bath Day

That’s right in my house we have Bath Day. A day assigned for bathing. My kids opt out of hygiene not for any strongly held philosophical or environmental reasons. No, my kids’ motives are really quite simple. They like filth. Or, rather, they prefer grime to the effort required to wash it off. I’m sure … Continue reading Bath Day

The Quandary of the Wannabe Tiger Mother

Okay, before anyone starts getting upset, I don’t really want to be Amy Chua. But, to be honest, I would like to be half a Chua. Not the crazy, Mommy Dearest half, but the half that stresses education, maintains high standards and requires commitment and hard work from her children. Of course, to some degree … Continue reading The Quandary of the Wannabe Tiger Mother

Can We Have a Pet?

It’s the inevitable question, and one I was adamantly against until recently. While I had pets growing up, I never wanted one as an adult, and once I had kids, I had all the wild animals I could handle. Of course, my kids asked, but I always skirted the issue. I simply couldn’t clean up … Continue reading Can We Have a Pet?